The Food Allergies

Practical Living Tips

Here are a few practical tips that not only keep you safe from an allergic reaction, but also gives you a piece of mind regarding your dietary restrictions.

  1. Have a shelf, cabinet, or pantry in your home that only contains the allergen free items that you use. You can also maintain separate shelves in the fridge. You can have the space clearly marked. It helps keep everyone aware that the designated space exists and should be respected. It also helps to direct someone when you ask them to bring you something to eat. I’ve always made sure that the designated area(s) are easy for the kids to reach, too.
  2. Carry a clear bag of emergency medication (Epipen, Benadryl, breathing inhaler, gloves and an instant ice pack) when you leave your home. Clear and contained in one place makes it is easy to spot in the case of an emergency or if you want to switch bags or cars.
  3. Have touch free soap dispensers in the home. This will eliminate contaminated hands touching a soap pump causing you to get sick or have hives.
  4. Have a touch free garbage can to prevent cross contamination causing you to get sick or have hives.
  5. Have high length gloves for doing dishes to avoid getting sick or developing hives.


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