The Food Allergies

“Vegan, but I eat meat…”

How do you explain your dietary restrictions in a concise way without feeling like you’re defending your dissertation? I have a few handy phrases to share.

“Vegan, but I eat meat.” This says you’re dairy free, fish free, egg free, and seafood free. This statement doesn’t exclude the peanuts and nuts. In the event that there is food present that you want to eat, you can always ask if those are present.

“I am allergic.” This encompasses so much and usually doesn’t require much explanation. Unless someone asks for specifics, you’re usually left alone once you make that statement.  This one also works if you’re not interested in the food that is being served and it is a manner in which you can politely decline.  Warning: this statement can also mean “leave me alone”, “don’t feed me anything”, or “I will see what I can eat.” Sometimes a New York attitude tends to come out with this statement.

“I only eat halal.” This means that you have some dietary restrictions. Most people will interpret this statement as only excluding pork and alcohol. Nonetheless, the “buck will stop there” since most people avoid any topics surrounding or about religion. Unfortunately, the opportunity to further explain a halal diet is typically lost.


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