Foodie is an informal word for a person who enjoys and has a particular interest in food.  Foodies can range from foodies who are cooking enthusiasts up to foodies who just know how to eat. Allergic Halal Foodie is a person who has interests in all foods that will not cause an allergic reaction and that is permissible to eat in Islam.  It is almost serendipitous that I am a foodie. Because of my multi-ethnic background with very differing cuisines, I was exposed to a wide variety of foods. The only common food factor in my heritage is probably salad (and even that is made differently in each of my ancestral countries). Also, being born and raised in NYC (where there is every cuisine imaginable) makes the perfect formula for a foodie. Throw in being a practicing Muslim, it makes it very easy to eat halal.  Now that I think about it, being a New Yorker makes it easy to eat halal. The hot dog and falafel/shawarma carts on almost every block in NYC probably only cooked with halal meat.

What makes a foodie isn’t an exact science, but all foodies are proud to be a part of the community.

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