Halal is an Arabic word that literally means “allowed” or “permissible” in English. Muslims are allowed to eat meat and poultry that has been slaughtered in an Islamic manner. In Islam, the Muslim slaughterer invokes G*D’s name each time before swiftly using a sharp knife to cut through the throat of a live animal.  With each animal, the Muslim slaughterer starts from the front of the throat to the back of the throat, but not decapitating the animal. The blood of the slaughtered animal is completely drained from its body. Consuming blood is not halal. So road kill, stun gunned animals, or animals killed in the masses are clearly not halal as it was not slaughtered in an Islamic manner and the blood isn’t completely drained.

Consumption of pork is strictly not allowed in Islam. Therefore, halal food items also exclude pork or pork byproducts. All alcohol is not halal in Islam, thus not allowed. Omnivores (e.g., squirrels, monkeys) and carnivores (e.g., lions, vultures) are not halal in Islam.  Fish with scales and seafood are halal and don’t need to be slaughtered in an Islamic manner.

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